The Greek Gods® Strawberry Mousse

Thank you to our 1st place winner of the Holiday Recipe Contest Christine Morgan!

st. patrick's day pies, spinach pies, healthy pies, green desserts

Green Spinach Pie

Your St. Patrick’s Day meal isn’t complete without dessert! Get Popeye strong with this customer-submitted spinach pie.

green salad, avocado salad, st. patrick's day salads

Green Avocado Salad

St. Patrick’s Day is no excuse to ignore your green fruits and vegetables. This avocado salad is a unique addition to your March holiday spread.

yogurt sauce, greek yogurt recipes, greek gods recipes, yogurt appetizers

The Greek Gods® Greek-Style Yogurt Sauce

This simple and tasty recipe may be used on lettuce or spinach salad or on vegetables like asparagus and broccoli …

yogurt dips, greek yogurt recipes, ranch recipes

The Greek Gods® Greek-Style Yogurt Ranch Dressing & Dip

This is great used as a dressing, dipping sauce for wings, sandwich spread, burger topper or in place of mayonnaise on potato salad …


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