About Us

Works of art don’t happen overnight. Neither does our yogurt.

Greek Gods Yogurt started in 2002 with three friends in Seattle. They all came from Greek-heritage families and loved the food they grew up with in Greece. In 2005 the friends began using tried-and-true old-world methods, traditions and recipes for making yogurt, and Greek Gods Yogurt was born!

Cup Set process

At Greek Gods, we’re passionate about simple ingredients and old-world tradition. We use a traditional pour and set process that produces a silky smooth, divinely delicious yogurt that’s seriously satisfying

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Step 1

We classically blend Greek-style yogurt cultures and wholesome, high-quality ingredients like whole milk and honey

Step 2

The mixture is then heated and chilled inside the cup to achieve the velvety smooth texture our consumers love

Step 3

Next, our delicious cups full of Greek-inspired goodness and flavor are sealed and ready to share with the whole family

Scoop, savor, repeat!

What’s Inside

Our indulgent, whole-ingredient yogurts are more than just a delicious treat. They also provide:

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    7+ active cultures

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    6+ grams of protein per serving

At Greek Gods Yogurt we feel strongly that our yogurts are created from the highest quality ingredients, this means

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    Whole milk & cream

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    9 or fewer ingredients

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    No artificial colors or flavors

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    Made with rBGH & rBST** free dairy

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    Sweetened with honey

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